The God particle, The Higgs

November 14, 2012 § 14 Comments

I now have a better presentation, both in english and danish. It includes predictions, which is a must for theories, and a better rundown of my theory compared to Big Bang. Plus new ideas about plasma, the creation before electromagnetism. Below you will find some comments on the newest from Kyoto.

And for my danish friends, I even made it in danish:

Last year in december the statistics on the Higss particle was 3 sigma. That is not enough to call it a scientific discovery. The July verdict was a 5 sigma, which is a close to 100 % discovery. But that 5 sigma was only that there is a particle, not on the qualities that is necessary to call it the Real Higgs particle. I don’t think that statistics on the qualities has changed much since last december, but I cannot say, because the media does not write about it.

My prediction is still that the qualities of the Higgs particle, necessary to prove the standard model right, will not reach 5 sigma. The simple argument is that these qualities do not exist.

The standard model in its formative states, concluded that there is no mass. That sounded weird to Peter Higgs, and therefore he mathematically predicted the Higgs particle.

I think that the standard model is right, when it comes to the conclusion of no mass. I, as Einstein did in his older days, think that everything, including gravity, can be explained through electromagnetism. On top of that I think that above the force of electromagnetism there must be a force that we do not know, yet.

Hope to see your comments.

The Crestroyer Revised

October 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

I am not claiming that you are God, only that you have Godly qualities, quantities and potentials. I am claiming that we all are Godlike and that we are having an Earthly experience.

I now have a better presentation, both in english and danish. It includes predictions, which is a must for theories, and a better rundown of my theory compared to Big Bang. Plus new ideas about plasma, the creation before electromagnetism.

And for my danish friends, I even made it in danish:

Hope to see your comments.

The Crestroyer Theory now on video presentation.

September 22, 2012 § 9 Comments

To get a better grasp of the crestroyer theory, I have made a video, that presents the theory the way I present it in lectures. It is easier to grasp this way, I hope.

Your feedback on it would be immensely valuable.

If you already read my theory on this blog, you will see that there are some revisions. And they are pretty good compared to the version from last summer.

Hope to hear from you.


The emperor has no higgies

December 14, 2011 § 3 Comments

The press release from CERN said:

“but not enough to make any conclusive statement on the existence or non-existence of the elusive Higgs.”

So we are back to square zero.

Let’s look at the real reason why they are searching for the Higgs Boson.

What does it mean, that the standard model is predicting the Higgs?

It actually means the direct opposite than what they say, but in a strange and reverted way.

What the standard model in reality predicts is, that mass does not exist.

It’s crazy but true, check it out. The standard model originally predicted that mass does not exist.

It is one of those anomalies, that scientists doesn’t like. They see something that obviously is against direct observation. I cannot blame them, because this sounds really weird.

The Higgs particle has been predicted as a solution to this puzzle ever since the standard model was “invented” back in the 60’ties. The Higgs was allready then postulated, as an explanation to this strange phenomenon of no mass at all.

40 years later we still don’t find enough evidence of the particle being there. It should be pretty easy to observe in the energies they are running the accelerator on now, and should have been found years ago. Now they give it one more year. That is very fine with me, because then we can definitely once and for all say:

“The emperor has no higgies on.”

What if mass in reality does not exist at all?

That’s total bungos, but so is entanglement and photons being both particles and vawes.

Einstein was a genious, and he found the relation between energy (matter), time and space.

Gravitation is explained by general relativity from 1916, close to a hundred years ago.

But Einstein did not know a thing about dark matter, black holes and dark energy. Those terms are floating around in physics today, even though they have never been observed. Black holes is observed off course, but not as a singularity, that’s for sure.

The standard model originally predicted that there are no mass.

Today I believe that to be true, and then I must admit that I believe in the standard model in its original form. What a bummer, because I usually don’t believe in anything.

Especially not  the Higgs and that it will be found as a scientific discovery. The emperor has no higgies on.

There is no mass, that is the simple explanation, even though it is as mindblowing as entanglement and missing antimatter in big bang.

I know a few scientists at the research institutes here in Copenhagen, and they have no difficulty in seing my point, but cling on to Einsteinian relativity, because it is proven, and it is working. Untill a better mathematical theory arises they will continue to use relativity as allways.

I see no problem at all in that. That is their job, and they cannot abide by the “law” because of “crackpots” like me saying differently.

But what did the genious Einstein actually think about his own theory in the end of his own lifespan?

Professor emeritus of physics at the University of Toronto John Moffat, was in direct communication with Einstein in his late life. John Moffat describes in his book “Reinventing Gravity”, how Einstein in the fifties attempted to construct a theory that unified gravity and Maxwells equations of electromagnetism.

That was not working for the old man, he never succeeded in disproving his own theory.

Nevertheless I think that Einstein was right in the end of his days, as he was right in his youth, with the knowledge in hand he in his time could observe as a great scientist.

If mass does not exist or in some way is related to electromagnetism then in some odd way gravity doesn’t exist either.

It really is spooky, but it seems like electromagnetism is the only existing property in the physical universe. The strong and the weak force has some very peculiar similarities to electromagnetism. The standard model shows that.

As I mention in my theory. Gravity and anti-gravity (expansion of the universe, described in physics as dark energy) level each other out. That means that spacetime level out too, and we have a 3D Eucledian space as WMAP indicates.

I predict that:

1. The Higgs particle will not be found.

2. The speed of light in vacuum is infinite.

3. Spacetime as the fourth dimension will in the future be looked upon as we today look upon the Ptolemaic model of the heavens, which postulated the Earth at the center of the galaxy.

Dear God,

Please bring me a mathematician, that will help me putting all this in mathematical context and formula, so it can be put into a scientific theory, and not just my crackpot speculations.

PS: Einstein never found the relation. If he did he would have made headlines again. There were errors in his equations.  John Moffat actually found them before Einstein died, pointed them out and Einstein accepted his wrongmess. John Moffat has since then used his professional scills as a scientist by going in Einsteins footsteps.

PPS: Moffat has no broadly accepted explanation either. That is because he doesn’t put antimatter and multiverse theory into his equations.

I am not just a crackpot, I am an arrogant crackpot.

If you have had enough, feel free to leave this page.

If you would like to read my view on it all, then read my theory by clicking above or here.

And feel free to leave a comment, I love it.

Fuzz about the Higgs particle

December 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

What is the fuzz about the “scientific” discovery of the Higgs particle?

Could there be a probability of a scientific discovery tuesday?

Scientists measure their experiments by a term called sigma.

There is no scientific discovery about a sigma 2.5 or 3.00 as probably will be the case on tuesday. Maybe even lower, maybe 3.5

If Newton were sitting under his appletree and made 100 observations, and in one instance the apple didn’t hit him in the head, it is a sigma 2.5. A sigma 5.o is EVERY time that the apple falls down, and that includes doing it a million times and more.

THAT is a scientific discovery.

At sigma 3 the apple fals wrong one out of every 370 times you do the experiment. That is not a scientific discovery either.

My prediction is that the Higgs particle never will reach close to a sigma 5.

Behind the prediction there is a theory, read it by clicking above.

Welcome to my Universe.

June 22, 2011 § 16 Comments

Welcome to The Crestroyer Theory.

Crestroy is a coined word from creation and destroying, which is what we see in the quantum fields.

It is about antimatter, the mind, Einstein, quantum mechanics, the speed of light and a mix of philosophy with popular science.

It could explain dark matter, dark energy, antimatter and various other phenomenas, but it will definitely not explain everything.

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