The Crestroyer Theory.

22. june 2011.

Crestroy is a word coined from the words creation and destroy.

Creation and destruction is what we see in the quantum fields all the time.

This site is mainly about my theory regarding consciousnes, mind, parallel universes, multiverse theory, big bang, the creation of the physical universe and anti-matter.

I have put up a short summary of the main points in my theory, a longer one will follow along with new revisions.

I am a dane, Otto Krog, living in Copenhagen, and you are very welcome to comment my theory, which has been 35 years underway, the last four years with the idea of anti-matter being the mind and consciousness.

Hope you will enjoy the reading. You find the present edition in the link above.

If the Higgs particle is found, then don’t bother reading this theory, because then the theory is completely falsified. My main argument is that gravity doesn’t exist in the form we know it in the standard model, and as a result, the Higgs particle will not be found.

You can find much more on Otto Krog on www.ottokrog.dk, but it is in danish.

If you don’t feel like blogging I will be happy to receive an e-mail on


Otto Krog


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