Platonic StringTheory?

June 6, 2013 § 2 Comments

Personally I think that my theory is very simple. We are all eternal beings in time, and infinite beings in space. We have fundamentally the ability to create and destroy. The physical universe is the creation and destruction of energy. The energy we can measure on is the physical energy. The opposite poled energy I call negative energy. That energy is located in mental separate parallel universes, which is our mind. This is pretty much in accordance with this article in New Scientist. The only difference is that I believe that the disembodied brains has been here since the start of this physical universe, and even before that. If this is true then Plato’s Theory of Forms might be applicable to StringTheory. Hope to hear back from some StringTheory experts on this.



§ 2 Responses to Platonic StringTheory?

  • Mark Walter says:

    My experience suggests the brain has two functions. It controls and regulates the various systems of the body and it functions as a step-down transformer for the mind. In this regard, the mind is not solely confined to the brain or body. The mind is, in a sense, outside the body, but at least partially inhabits our bodies while we are alive. In my opinion, the degree to which we are able to consciously realize this is the degree to which we can claim we are becoming more unified.

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