God and antimatter

March 17, 2013 § 10 Comments

There has been some confusion about me saying that consciousness is antimatter.

That is understandable, as it is a simplified explanation. I think that what caused the physical universe (God), we will never know, or at least not know fully.

Nevertheless I base my assumptions on the idea, that we are all God’s and that we are capable of creating an effect.

The original cause created an outburst of infinite energy, going from plus energy to minus energy. When these energies combined, they created standing waves, in the form of atoms. An atom is a standing wave, with the core as the end point. After atoms were created electromagnetism arised, as we know it today. Electromagnetism is the only thing, that we know of, that is its own antiparticle.

Big Bang theories says that antimatter was created in the same amount than matter, but where did antimatter go?

My point is that it went into these separate mental parallel universes, in the form of opposite energy to the energy we observe the most of in our reality, physical matter.

I think that our mental image pictures are conserved in opposite energy, not antimatter. Because, for sure the mental images is not touchable as antimatter is.

I started out this journey into physics 10 years ago by reading a book mentioning re-normalization. In theoretical mathematics the electron has infinite charge. That is bogus, so physicists re-normalized it to become 1 instead, because that is so much easier to work with. I understand, that they did, and agree totally that they did, what else should they have done?

But can we continue doing that, when everything is confusing, and nobody understands what’s going on?

I am at best just a lobbyist for infinity and eternity. Maybe I am dead wrong, but hopefully somebody having the brain to do it, will be inspired and find a mathematical solution to infinity, re-normalization and the strange paradoxes they give.

When Paul Dirac predicted antimatter in the thirties, he did it by finding a missing “minus” in Einstein’s work. There was a square root somewhere, where Einstein only had taken the positive number. Everybody know that the result of a square root always give plus and minus. But even to Einstein it was crazy to think that antimatter could be a possibility. But not so to Dirac. He voiced the idea, and became a Nobel prize winner.

My idea is in the same category. The many world interpretation has this idea that the wave collapse creates new physical universes all the time. To me that is crazy, but I respect those believing in it. My idea is that in all the bogus mathematics, somebody left out a minus sign, or forgot a square root somewhere, or drank too much whiskey. That resulted in the idea that these parallel universes should be physical. I think they have been here all along and that they have opposite energies, and make up for what we see as missing antimatter, and somehow has to do with consciousness. Crazy indeed, but if a mathematician could find the missing minus sign, then he would probably get a Nobel Prize. That is, if it can be shown experimentally, off course. I have ideas to do just that, but I want the mathematics to fit in first. But I can’t, as I go blank every time I see some formulas.

I sincerely hope that I am clear in my expressions, as it is so fu….. difficult to express myself clearly about these matters.

And I love getting comments, also if they try to convince me that I am mad, because honestly, I take the accusation as a compliment.

§ 10 Responses to God and antimatter

  • In my opinion you are far from crazy, but it is easy and convenient, for many people to place someone who thinks outside the box, in the category crazy.
    Here is a link that can verify some of your theories.: http://theawareshow.com/s9

  • Dudeness says:

    We know God, by what we know him not to be – Mainmoinides. And even he was merely reiterating what the thinkers of the time in Islamic thought wrote regarding the Islamic definition of God.

    Hardly a new theory.

  • ted irving says:

    your scientific & philosophical knowledge drawfs my own so my only response is based upon what most label as fantasy but to me the universe is a actual living being we live in. its why the universe expands and will then collapse. expansion is the life forms birth and growth. collapse is the life forms getting old and passing. its why there is nothing past the edge of the universe. its the skin or external shell. infinity is the fact that all of us have a universe inside of us as well. that includes all organic and non-organic forms. this is really even the simple theory mentioned on the movie animal house where the high professor is explaining that a universe with life forms exists on the head of a stick pen.

  • We are beings of light contained within a cystalized light world when the lights go out we move again at the speed of light towards our new home.
    Scientists cannot destroy a photon it is a myth as light being energy cannot die it can only change.
    The teachings of all the religious texts ( allegorical tales of as above so below all of them ) teach this in veiled ways but they are being read wrongly .
    Our ancestors knew all of this already but modern science is working hard to not let you know who you truly are.
    If thoughts can be measured outside the head which we believe to be true then they must have mass therefore all ideas are all in the ether we just need to learn to plug in again then a new golden age can ensue.
    This is my truth 🙂

  • hey i love what you wrote, but i have few questions and few comments.
    1. can elaborate on what you mean by “separate mental parallel universes,”
    2. “mental images is not touchable as antimatter is”–from what i have read and watched antimatter if NOT touchable, far less visible. I cant elaborate as to how is it that they cant even see it, but i know they cant, they only know antimatter exists because antimatter is like a piece of glass, through which physics shine a bright light but the light becomes distorted meaning that it bends as if something was there, so they concluded they something must be there causing the light to bend. So i don’t know what point you were trying to make by that line.

    3. Dude your article is so cool. Unlike @ted irving i call my ideas “speculative thinking”, not fantasies. I have speculated something similar to his idea, i.e that the universe is something like a being. In my opinion ultimately, the universe is a mind, it is The Absolute. But this mind has been split into two, anti-matter and matter. In the most general sense of the word for me anti-matter is pure nothing, and matter is pure being. The reason i say this is because i read Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit, Sense-certainty. In which he argues that when you make phenomenal claims about the world, for example “i see an apple”, the only thing that you can be completely certain of is that you are sensing a Thing or a This, not that what you are seeing is a red rounded eatable object. For Hegel the truth of this Thing is its being in the most general sense of the word. The truth of BEING is for Hegel the most rich and concrete sort of truth that cannot be doubted, but unfortunately it is also a poor sort of truth, because all that it tells you about this apple is that it IS, and nothing more. It doesn’t tell you that this apple is red or round or sitting on the counter, or that you can eat it. Because this sort of truth is so empty in content, he calls this truth indeterminate. So the being of the apple is an indeterminate being, meaning that it lacks all sorts of qualities. It is completely empty of qualities, you cant say anything about this apple other than that it IS. But there is more, the fact that the IS has no qualities, the fact that it doesnt have qualities, is a quality. So its quality of the IS of the Thing, is its indeterminateness. Sorry to get so abstract, but i have to explain this in order to make sense why i think antimatter is nothing and part of this universe. So far we can know for a fact the BEING of the apple, and Hegel would say that in BEING there is also NOT BEING, or in other words NOTHING. For Hegel, nothing, and being are the same exact same thing, the idea of nothing and being doesnt nullify itself because this being which contains beings with nothing is not static, it is actually a movement. It is an ongoing movement in which nothing and being dissolve in one another. So In my opinion, anti-matter is not outside in some corner of the universe, it is actually right here in your living roon, in the shower, at work, in the bathrrom, its everywhere.
    You said “I think that our mental image pictures are conserved in opposite energy, not antimatter.” I personally thing that mental images are conserved in what we call consciousness, but our mental pictures are not some sort black pieces of paper, our images of the world contain all sorts of qualia, (qualities), (e.g colors, shapes, texture, smells). So in my opinion this qualia belong to anti-consciousness. I guess im making the suggestion that there are beings composed of anti-matter, that have anti-consciousness. I think that they are as real as you and i are, but in their own respective way.

  • Thankyou Morley. You should see my presentation on

    and replace antimatter with negative energy. My point is that consciousness and mind is a mirror of the physical universe.

    I have a new presentation on my todolist, the old one is confusing, but the main thing is that I now call consciousness for negative-energy opposed to the energy we know about.

    In the presentation I explain separate mental parallel universes, but in short they are what scintists in quantum mechanics call multiverses, i.e. parallel universes.

    I say there are close to infinite universes.

    One per God/soul.

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